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Rosewood Christmas Winter Meadow Small Animal Sticks 2pc



Our seasonal sticks are richer in meadow hay and herbs than traditional sticks, but no less delicious. Using only 100% natural ingredients they are made to be crisp and crunchy. Dressed in scrummy apple and coconut they are loved by Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Degus, Hamsters and Gerbils. 140g pack weight. Composition: meadow hay (19.7%), vegetable starch, oat flakes, wheat flakes, pea flakes, carrot, parsley (5%), alfalfa (4.5%), wheat, puffed wheat, flaked maize, puffed maize, melissa (2.1%), apple (1.9%), coconut (1.9%), peppermint (1.9%), beetroot, plantain (1.7%), echinacea (1.4%), oats, red clover (0.6%), marigold, dandelion (0.2%) (all as dried ingredients). As with all treats offer in moderation to chinchillas and degus.


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