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Little Big Paws Gourmet Turkey Mousse Cat 85g 8Pk



Cats have Big characters. They also have big energy requirements, fast metabolisms and burn energy at a fast rate. Just like the big cats of the wild, they are carnivores so they need high levels of meat to ensure maximum health. For cats a high percentage of meat is not just desirable: it is essential. That’s why our Little BigPaw Cat Complete Food recipes contain 70% British meat. Read more about our 100% Natural Gourmet Tender Turkey Mousse below.

Packed with Proteins: Made with tasty fresh turkey – highly nutritious, easily digestible lean meat.
Vital Vitamins & Minerals: Including A, D & E for a healthy immune system and strong teeth and bones.
Omega Oils & Fats: Essential fatty acids for great skin, joint care and a superb shiny coat.
Taurine: Essential for a healthy heart and good vision.
.and absolutely no artificial preservatives, no colourants, no flavourings, no grain, no wheat, no soya and no dairy. Just great food packed with natural goodness!

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