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Hagen Bird Bath With Plastic Hooks



Living World has a variety of Bird Baths designed to ensure that birds enjoy hours of safe, fun and relaxing bathing. The Parakeet/Budgie Bath has a transparent cover that allows you to see your bird while it splish-splashes in the tub. There are hooks at the top of the bath for easy hanging on the cage wire above the door opening. It can also be used as a free-standing tub in the bird cage. The top cover and base snap off easily for easy cleaning. Other Living World Bird Baths available: 81800 Living World Oval Bird Bath with Mirror 81805 Living World Plastic Clear Bird Bath 81812 Living World Bird Bath with mirror, brown base and topaz top 81813 Living World with mirror, white base and smoke grey top 81815 Living World Cockatiel Bath with transparent cover, brown base and topaz top 81816 Living World Cockatiel Bath with white base and smoke grey top

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