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Eheim Professional 4+ 250 External Filter

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The professionel 4+ is the most advanced generation of the professionel external filters. The square canister offers stability, a large filter volume, is suitable for corners and doesn’t take up too much space. Due to the new Xtender function, the intervals between cleaning the filter can be extended. professionel 4+ filters are available in three sizes for aquariums up to 250, 350 and 600 litres. All professionel 4+ filters are characterized by a high flow capacity, low energy consumption and additional features:

Self priming – No more complicated suction methods! The self priming aid primes the filter system for a quick and easy start.
Safety hose adapter – Tap unit with 2 hose connectors – for safety reasons, the hose adapter can only be released when the valves are closed.
Prefilter – The top prefilter traps large particles of dirt and can be cleaned regularly, allowing the maintenance period between media cleaning to be extended.
Filter baskets – Individual filter baskets for biological and mechanical media. Baskets can be easily removed and the contents can be cleaned using the ‘Easy Clean’ grid. Simple to remove and easy to clean
Xtender“ Control Function – If the media (fine filter pad) becomes blocked, the flow rate can be increased using the control function. The water will be re-directed but the biological filtration will be maintained – allowing the cleaning of the filter to be postponed for a few days.
Quiet operation – EHEIM high performance bearings and ceramic axles guarantee quiet
running, long life and durability.
Ready to connect – All professionel filters will include original EHEIM filter media and the follow-ing corresponding accessories: inlet and outlet pipes, EHEIM quality hose and set up accessories.

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